Four Ways to Improve Blog SEO Rankings

9822877_mThe hype of Christmas is now over, and every retailer out there has currently focused its efforts on convincing customers why they should spend their Christmas cash with them. It’s all about keeping the momentum going, and online marketing is much the same. Great! You have a fabulous website available for customers to access, but now what? How do you get them to keep coming back for more?

Adding a blog to your webpage is an easy way to increase traffic by providing followers with something of value. Offering customers “news they can use” is a way to peak interest and keep your brand relevant. A blog can also benefit SEO efforts since it contributes fresh content to be ranked by search engines. A Business 2 Community article offers a few tips to improve blog SEO rankings:

Use Headings with H Tags. Break up your blog with headings, which will allow your reader to easily skim the content. Your web designer can incorporate H tags within the coding for the headings to improve blog SEO efforts. This is more effective than using bullets or numbers to separate points because these tags grab the attention of webcrawlers that forward pages to search engines.

Add Links. An easy way to improve blog SEO rankings is to add links which will direct consumers to other relevant parts of your website. Use links sparingly to avoid the appearance of spam, but if your blog relates to a product or service you provide, by all means, call it out.

Keep the URL Concise. URLs often match the content’s entire title. Since titles can get lengthy, it’s a good idea to leave out words in the URL which are not keywords, and this will improve blog SEO visibility.

Incorporate Keywords – Naturally. Of course, weaving in keywords that target what your visitors are searching for is important, but don’t overdue. Use of keywords should be strategic yet flow well within the text.

To improve a blog’s SEO position is as much a science as it is an art. Need some assistance with creating content that doesn’t disappoint? Give SJC a call.

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