Monday Morning Coffee with Let’s Go Local

Like to Travel? Like it More with this New Resource

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Going somewhere? If you are, you’re likely to log on to an online map or search your smartphone for ideas of where to eat, shop or visit once you get there.

A new resource – – helps you find the best of what’s local in a simple, straightforward way that focuses on the most accurate information. Site creator for, Eric Garrison, formed the concept for a new locally-based online directory from his own problems finding resources when traveling for work. He recalls spending a few days in a town and asking around about places to eat or visit, only to get vague responses. As he departed for his next stop, he realized he was only a short drive away from numerous restaurants and attractions. Thus the idea for “” was born:  an online directory for travelers with truly accurate, useful information.

What’s unique about is up-to-date information without a big mix of reviews or pages to navigate. What’s also unique is that visitors can add a business they want to see on the directory for a city, and then the let’ team makes sure the business is valid – avoiding common directory problems like listings that have been closed for months.

The site founders of believe, as we do, that “When you know local, you go local,” and are working to expand the resource to several cities. Business listings on let’ are free, and select paid advertising space is also available for businesses who want to stand out. The site is also set up to change city directories, based on your current location. For now, the skyline of downtown St. Joseph, Mo., (ironically, the historic home of the Pony Express mail route) sets the backdrop for today’s modern way of getting information.

Searchable categories range from hotels, restaurants and business services to recreation, professional services and schools. Travel tips and other helpful information are continuing to expand the resource. A blog and social media are also in the works, connecting travelers to a community who thinks like they do and that also values local information.

Let’s Go is set to help travelers find the best of what’s around without any extra hassle – and we at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions think that’s great news to enjoy with your Monday morning coffee, and any day of the week.

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