Monday Morning Coffee with Mi Amor Cake Design

miamorTis the season for …. Cake. Lots and lots of cake. Graduations, honoring Mom, baby baptisms, and weddings are just a few of the cake-friendly occasions happening nationwide right now.

Here’s an example from Mi Amor Cake Design, showcasing a few simple ways to stand out in a market that offers plenty of options for desserts, baked goods, custom cookies and designer cakes. Regardless of your industry, it’s always smart to consider how you can stand out as well.

Mi Amor is a relative new-comer to the cupcake and custom cake scene, and is in what some would consider a non-mainstream location. Yet this little St. Joseph, Mo., bakery is quickly reaching 700 Facebook fans, with active engagement and customer comments and questions. They were featured in a full-length news story for their technique and artistry, and have continued to grow in popularity. The catchy tagline seems to convey the philosophy for the business:  “Where love and art make cake.” What else are they doing to succeed?

1. A simple website that wholly promotes social media. The Mi Amor website has little text on the homepage; rather it’s chock full of photos and a large banner that urges guests to like them on Facebook for special discounts. This is not just a tiny Facebook icon; it’s a full-out invitation.

2. Nothing says a great product like tons of photos. The website and social media tools used by Mi Amor feature several eye-catching views of their products, some they’ve posted and some from their customers. If you’re not offering a visually-exciting product, think about the lifestyle your product or service conveys. Capture photos related to that. People like pictures.

3. Following popular trends and being flexible. Mi Amor offers cakes that follow current trends for TV shows, characters and what’s being seen by customers on major food channels. The premise here is to pay attention to what customers are looking for and asking for, and do your best to offer something similar. The end result is a bit of “star” quality, as people feel like they’re getting the hot national trend experience even in their own hometown.

4. Participate in local events and rally these events with your social media. Recently Mi Amor asked guests to come and see them at a civic event, with the sweet carrot of offering cheap cake pops. This shows they are involved in their community, and customers respond to that.

These tools and more can help you gain an unique brand identity, and they all start with a content creation strategy that truly speaks to your customers. Today at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions we say yes, you can have your cake — and eat it too.

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