There are Tools for Creating Content. Let Us Help You Find Them

18655130_mAlmost overnight many companies were on Facebook, Twitter and even had their own YouTube channels. Others began experimenting with Instagram and Vine when some businesses didn’t even know they existed. But those that were even further ahead of the game know that creating content that’s popular on their site drives the search engine. It’s a golden opportunity.

However, a large percentage of those same companies lack the follow through it takes to sustain long term in the market. While they know the power of social media, they have failed to execute their content marketing plan.

Wouldn’t it be easy if you had photo and content sharing capabilities built into your website? Shuttlerock gives users versatile options that are more dimensional than what you’ve been doing. It allows you to generate photos and stories and let your customers, staff, and fans share them through their individual social media outlets.

Several companies have found successful results with Shuttlerock. According to a recent article, Black Cat Cruises was able to double their online sales and increase their user sessions by creating 850 photos in just six months. A football team in Queensland used Shuttlerock to generate 233 images from a mere seven content boards in the first month.

Shuttlerock is a great tool that is not only easy to use but offers a real solution to fresh and relevant content for your website and blogs. It is a platform that gives interaction between customers, staff, fans, and supports increased engagement and more sales.

Creating content at this caliber is content marketing at its finest. It will give you more satisfying interaction with customers and their “friends” while maintaining control over the content and conversations as well as :

  • A continual cycle of fresh content driven through all of your companies networking channels.

  • Search engine rankings that will increase and so will the social media action that Shuttlerock influences.

  • Build that customer email list you’ve always wanted.


At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions we specialize in strong content and can help you find the tools you need to for a strong content marketing strategy.

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