Use Social Media to Draw People to Your Blog Posts

17781013_mOne thing you can do right now to improve the results you get from your social media is to bring ‘em back. Back onto your latest blog post, that is.

Using social media to draw people to your blog posts is a great way to get more effectiveness out of both. A recent post on Social Media Examiner stresses this point, stating that there’s room for blog posts on social media when you follow the 80/20 rule:  20 percent of your content can purposefully highlight what you do and offer, and the other 80 percent can be providing informational and relational content for your audience.

Reasons to Use Social Media to Draw People to Your Blog Posts:

– Reminds people that you’re an expert in your business area.
– Brings users back to your blog page, increasing their connection to your business.
– Opens a door to greater use of social media platforms, such as putting an image in your blog that a user can then share on Pinterest.
– Allows you to gauge which areas are peaking audience interest by how your blog readership goes up (or doesn’t go up) when you share the link in social media.
– Allows you to feature guest bloggers so that you can capture additional site traffic.

As you think about sharing your blogs regularly on social media, don’t be afraid to change up the way you post the link, especially with Twitter. Use a key phrase from the blog, not just the title. Post a question that may be answered with a link to your blog. Include your blog posts on LinkedIn as well, since your blog may become news material that is shared across LinkedIn with subscribers. Social Media Examiner also suggests adding the “Clicktotweet” tool within the text of your blog itself for even simpler sharing.

Another suggestion: ask and ask again. It’s perfectly acceptable and perfectly wise to ask social media users to share your blog content. One clever way is to create an iFrame on your Facebook (also called a tab in some cases) to clearly advertise and promote your blogs.

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