Three Ways to Build a Better Email Strategy

10675851_mWhen it comes to allocating money for the marketing budget, it’s easy for a company’s email strategy to get overlooked or pushed to the backburner. This is because newer forms of engagement through Twitter and Facebook have consumed a lot of marketers’ thoughts. When properly executed, however, email is still a low-cost and effective way to connect with people.

To have a successful email strategy, there are a few things to keep in mind. A recent blog from Tech & Science offers some pointers to those wishing to build an effective campaign.

  • Be precise with your goal
    What is it you hope to achieve with your email strategy? Are you trying to increase awareness around a certain product or service or the brand in general, or are you hoping to grow sales? It’s important to set clear objectives as these will impact all the decisions that follow.

  • Avoid blanket emails
    If you send out 1,000 emails and it’s not to the right people, your message will fall on deaf ears. For an email strategy that works, first identify members of your target audience, those who will be the most receptive to your product or service offerings. Prior to the campaign, do some in-depth research to truly dissect and understand their needs and how your product or service satisfies them. This will help with positioning. Don’t forget to track the results of your campaign including click-through rates, leads, and sales.

  • Tailor your message
    The same email is not going catch everyone’s attention. You have a better chance of being relevant and received if you personalize your message a bit. This shouldn’t be too hard as you should have already uncovered some basic personal information in the needs discovery process. A generic message is more likely to be deleted or ignored.

Have some tips you’d like to share about how to construct an effective email strategy? Struggling to find your way? Whichever end of the spectrum you’re on, we’re all ears.

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