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ED-logo-with-partnership2Who is your target audience? If you’re like many businesses, it’s more than one – you likely have more than one group who you want to reach with the message about your services. Key ways to reach a second audience include a designated website set apart from your main site; a specific blog campaign and a social media strategy geared just toward that group.

An example to note this morning is, a website of the St. Joseph Metro Chamber. The audience for is clearly site selectors, who are charged with determining best locations for new and expanding businesses. The goal of the website is clear: to demonstrate the attributes of St. Joseph and the surrounding area as a strong choice for business, and to showcase a business community atmosphere geared for success.

Although the colors and feel are a solid complement to the St. Joseph Metro Chamber logo and main website, is built from every angle to encourage site selectors and those in the economic development community to take that next action step. Having a website set apart for this purpose is essential, so that the unique attributes and awards for St. Joseph’s business community can be placed within individual sectors.

Following the model of successful regional economic development sites, answers questions quickly – such as what are the incentives and the logistical data for the area in terms of business, which clusters are growing rapidly and how the community is a strong player and partner in key growth areas like life science and agriculture.

A new section allows blogs to feature keywords site selectors are searching for, thus helping to hone in their search and build a strong sense of brand value and expertise toward the Economic Development team at the Chamber. Blogs are shared across social media and will also be utilized as guest blog posts in online areas and publications site selectors visit. Not only is the site clearly speaking to its audience, it’s also an excellent resource for Chamber members who can promote the reasons why they have selected St. Joseph in their own peer circles, thus increasing awareness for the region from the inside out. Investors, sponsors and partners receive prime real estate on the home page, generating awareness for their investment in the Chamber and showing potential investors that many key organizations are on board with a dynamic business community.

Are you trying to do too much on one website, or capture multiple audiences in one blog campaign? A content marketing strategy that differentiates and targets your key audiences, based on information they’re searching for, may give you stronger results.

Today Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions gives a shout out to, and the St. Joseph Metro Chamber, for recognizing that site selectors and economic development professionals are looking for key areas of information – and it’s this valuable, consistent content that helps set our city apart among competitors.

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