Here Are a Few Blog Writing Tips to Consider

15616010_sBlogs have become a popular channel for businesses looking to connect with potential customers but they can also be a great way for bloggers to get some bylines. Here are some helpful blog writing tips to keep in mind.

Blogging is a two-way street. If done correctly, guest blogs can bolster quality content on your website as well as highlight a writer’s capabilities. A good content manager should be able to offer some blog writing tips that will enable writers to deliver promising content that meets their needs. According to’s recent inforgraphic, 126 percent more leads are often generated by sites that contain blogs. A little more than half of companies that feature regular blogs have gained customers.

From a guest blogger standpoint, it is important to understand the business you are writing for. In order to contribute the appropriate content it’s best to see what the company is about and offer a few samples to their blog editor. Unfortunately, most editors may love your ideas but even the best concepts need some direction.

Remember, guest blogs are a partnership between the company and the writer. There are three basic blog writing tips to keep in mind. For starters, blogs should be kept to a max of 700 words. The better blogs are more than 400 words but definitely not in the 700 region. Not only does this create a focus but it allows the blog to deliver a specific time with the space allowed.

Most companies want to build relationships with their customers – loyalty. Guest bloggers can forge the same relationships. It can be difficult for both blog editors and writers to come up with ideas, edit, and promote a single blog or series of blogs. Because this is such a time consuming process, having a regular blog contributor can be great for business. Both sides can take advantage of the reoccurring blogger.

If you are a blogger, of course it is important for it to benefit you, despite your positive relationship with the content’s host. If it is permissible, link back to your own site within the blog. This gives readers an opportunity to see what you are about and can definitely increase the number of hits you get.

No matter if you are a blogger or blog editor, let us help you find success by creating blog writing tips that benefit the content and the writer.




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4 Responses to Here Are a Few Blog Writing Tips to Consider

  1. What do you think about outsourcing content creation?

    • Considering it’s a key source of our revenue, I’m highly in favor of the business strategy. It has to be strategic, however. Simply hiring someone to write something to populate a site is not the way to go. We promote a comprehensive approach that involves the voice of the client to ensure the right message is communicated in each piece. What’s your opinion?

    • It’s the basis of our business model, so I am highly in favor. At the same time, it has to be strategic and involve the voice of the client. Outsourcing content just to populate a site is not enough; it has to be value-driven to deliver the desired results. What’s your opinion on the topic?

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