Does the Boss Know About Your Content Marketing Strategy? They Should.

15142786_sThere are five key benchmarks when creating your content marketing strategy: findable, readable, understandable, actionable, and shareable.

To develop your content marketing strategy you need to start by developing a successful execution plan. Through your plan, you can tap into your creativity and start generating content that can be beneficial to readers. Before you can begin using a checklist to create your content marketing strategy you need to gather all of your decision makers. By getting the right people together you run a greater chance of getting things done.

For example, a checklist for a strategy was implemented in a majority of Detroit’s hospitals to streamline central lines, decreasing injection sticks, and limiting the amount of patient infections. The list was assigned to not only a senior project manager but to a top level executive, too. That executive was responsible for checking up on the staff and finding a solution for any problems that arose.

This survey was able to illustrate just how critical it is to get the people involved with the most authority. Most employees know what works and what doesn’t but have little control over how to fix it. Getting someone at the executive level involved was just the marketing strategy they were looking for. In fact, those hospitals were able to lower infections by 66 percent.

Imagine if you could drive 66 percent more traffic to your site. Using an effective marketing strategy, involving the right people, and sharing the entire message with your team, you can.

Your content marketing plan should collectively manage all of your resources and influence how the company views social media, and brand recognition. Every employee, even at the very top, should be aware of the many challenges that you and your company are facing and what propositions are in place. Involving everyone can be a great opportunity to change how things are executed in the future.

To be as effective as possible, share your checklist with the team. Keep in mind that you are only one person, one part of the overall process. If the end result is to keep users coming back, you need to connect the visual design with the usability and information architecture. Each piece is a unique part of the puzzle and each one is needed for a fluid content marketing strategy that works.

If you’re looking to build a checklist for your company as well as each team member, contact us. We can help you combine each list for the most optimal content marketing plan.

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