Monday Morning Coffee with Seniors Helping Seniors

shsThey say giving is better than receiving — but if you’re an older adult who needs a little help to remain in your own home, receiving can certainly be a good thing, too. One organization has found a way to accomplish both:  Seniors Helping Seniors. The organization is connecting seniors who want to provide help to others with seniors who need basic in-home assistance.

Seniors Helping Seniors is part of a national franchise that has opened a new location in St. Joseph, Mo. The goal of the organization is to match active seniors with older adults who need basic, non-medical help at home. The seniors who take paid positions with Seniors Helping Seniors can provide help with activities like preparing meals, light housekeeping tasks, companionship, transportation to appointments even yard work or basic home maintenance. Some can stay overnight, or help with respite care.

The model is built on the age-old concept that helping feels good, and that most seniors are healthier and happier when they have meaningful activities to fill some of their hours. Many of the Seniors Helping Seniors team members have histories of being active community volunteers or are considering just a few hours of extra income each month to pay for “extras.” Based on testimonials on the organization’s website, the satisfaction of being a friend to a senior in need and providing that extra set of helping hands may be the biggest reward.

Seniors Helping Seniors was created by Kiran Yocom in 1998, based on her observation that many seniors needed to feel connected with a purpose – while many others needed a few hours of help each week with basic tasks. Yocom had worked with Mother Theresa in the past, and wanted a way to live out some core beliefs about help and compassion.

Today, the organization has dozens of franchise locations across the U.S., numbering well over 100 offices. Seniors who want to become helpers can begin the process online, or read testimonials to learn more. Seniors who need help can also begin the process online and can find news articles and interviews about the service. Seniors Helping Seniors also participates in several community awareness events for causes that impact seniors, as well as senior information fairs nationwide.

The overriding theme of joy and fulfillment through service is a key story of the Seniors Helping Seniors story. Although the team members are paid, a greater emphasis by far is placed on the benefits of sharing one’s time and talents with someone else in need. This message remains clear throughout the organization’s tagline and website, accomplishing a few basic elements of an effective brand message.

Today, Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions recognizes that sometimes a succesful “big idea” for a service, and a brand, can be quite basic — as long as it shares a message the audience can resonate with quickly and share easily with others. What’s your big idea? Contact us today to talk about it. 

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