Giving Your Brand Message a Powerful Voice


In a world of tweets and sound bites your business needs to convey your core message in a concise and powerful way.  That is really what brand messaging is all about.  Your company is competing with a cacophony of voices in the client’s ears every day.  Finding a strong, clear voice for your company is imperative if you are to stand out from the crowd.

Developing a strong brand voice is a matter of whittling down past everything that is true about your business until you can state the essentials in as few words as possible. You can’t expect to tell your customers everything about yourself during a first encounter.  The chore of brand messaging is to get them to take a closer second look.  First encounters need to communicate either core beliefs which drive your business or something that makes you unique and sets you apart from the competition.

This is a lot more difficult than you might think.  Creating an advertising slogan that represents you and captures the attention and imagination of the target audience will take some time and creativity.  The most effective brand messages express how your business meets the needs of your potential customers with a pithy statement that can be easily recalled.  The statement should convey how your brand intersects with customer experience.  Lofty, aspirational sentiments won’t do the trick.  This message needs to resonate with the audience’s everyday need and life.

Getting the brand message right is key since subsequent and ancillary advertising should build on the core message.  Regardless of what form slogans and advertising campaigns utilize, the trick is to give a unified message.  Keep it short.  Make it clear.  Be real.  Hit home with the audience.  Brand messages which follow those guidelines will be heard above the din.


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