Pinterest Marketing and What You Need to Know Now

18645548_sPinterest is still attracting a lot of attention. Partly because of its ease of use and wealth of information, but also because of how it is changing how marketing works. According to a study by Simply Measured, a social media analytics firm, almost 70 of the world’s top 100 brands are on Pinterest. One in five Pinterest users have purchased a product they’ve seen on the site and they tend to spend around $80 per purchase, compared to the $40 Facebook users spend.

And on top of all that, Pinterest has upped their game by updating their look. The best part, at least to those who are avid Pinterest users, is the larger pins. The images are now a lot bigger and only get bigger when you click on the pin. Also, with their new look, they added a couple of different areas that promote better discovery, which is good for Pinterest marketing. You’ll see a column to the right where you can scroll down and see other pins from the same board; under that, you’ll see a block with other pins from the same website. If you scroll just a little bit further there are several blocks of other boards of where else that pin has been pinned. These new discovery features help the Pinterest marketing process by helping users find content that is similar to the pin they’re currently viewing. One last big change that happened with this new look is the disappearance of the “repin” button. Now there’s just a button under the pin that says, “Pin It.”

What does this change mean for Pinterest marketing? The discovery is easier for users, but it means that the images that are pinned need to be interesting, so they will stand out. This also means that you will have to embed these compelling pictures in your blog posts, so your audience will pin them on Pinterest – resulting in more traffic back to your website. Additionally, be sure to pin original content on your boards. Statistics have told us that 80 percent of content on Pinterest is just repins. If you’re pinning interesting, new content, it will stand out and help you gain more followers.

One last thing Pinterest has done is provide a Business Page option. If you already have a Pinterest for your business, it’s easy to switch over from a personal page to the business page, so don’t let that stop you. When you have a business account, your profile won’t look any different, but you will have more behind the scenes features. You will get new buttons, badges, and widgets for your website or blog. Additionally, you’ll have the capability to look at the Pinterest Analytics. This information will include such things as the number of pins and pinners from your website, the number of repins from within Pinterest, number of website visitors sent from Pinterest, the most repinned and most clicked pins, total number of times your pins have appeared on the site and the number of times they were seen (impressions). You can also check out the Pinterest web analytics page to learn more about it.

Pinterest is doing wonders for Pinterest marketing and we can only imagine it getting better. Let us help you coordinate your Pinterest marketing. At Susan J. Campbell, we can compile images and keywords to get you more repins and more traffic to your website.

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