Four Ways to Experience the Power of Pinterest

14625458_sIf you’re looking to spice up your content marketing strategy, the answer may lie in the neatly organized, visually stimulating world of Pinterest. No longer just a woman’s playground, Pinterest is gaining some serious clout when it comes to viewership. Businesses are starting to realize the potential of the social network, and we’re not just talking award-winning pumpkin pie.

At this point, the potential for Pinterest is pretty limitless. Maybe that’s why it’s continued to experience growth over the past year-and-a-half. A recent Social Media Today blog features some creative ways your brand can use Pinterest:

  • Share How-to Tips. Show viewers ways they can put your products to good use. People are more likely to make use of something if they know how to apply it. Maybe you sell clothing items, so you create a board that shows 15 ways to wear a scarf. Another idea is to take a basic that everyone has in his or closet like black pants and show how to pair it with different items from your collection.

  • Promote a Contest. Pin-it-to-win-it contests are nothing new, but they are a great way to get customers engaged and talking about your brand. For instance, start a contest where fans can share success stories or creative applications for your products. Then, let the best pin win! Companies like Volkswagen, Land’s End, and Macy’s have been known to interact with their fans via Pinterest contests.

  • Encourage Employee Sharing. Have trusted employees create their own boards where they can share information. Employees are brand ambassadors, and Pinterest is a creative way for them to showcase their expertise. In the clothing store example, employees could post pictures of some of their favorite finds or explain how new styles of denim fit.

  • Experiment with Various Media. Pinterest pins often feature still images, but they can also showcase video tutorials, blogs, or links to e-books. Be creative when it comes to your material; posting a variety of content sparks interest and can be wonderful source of fresh traffic.

When it comes to Pinterest, trust the experts, and don’t be afraid to try something new. The results may surprise you.

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