Popularity or Search Engine Optimization, Which One is Getting You on Top?

20429388_sSearch engine optimization is a lot like high school. It takes time to become the popular kid, and some work to maintain that reputation. Your company may be facing similar strides online. Being the new business on the block has obstacles and a majority are going up against those who have already established their online presence.

While it may not seem fair that a better content producing site gets bumped to a more popular one it happens. The biggest reason is trust. In today’s world, it is easy to manipulate search engines and Google knows it. By allowing popularity to trump search engine optimization it keeps certain sites on top and gives Google users that bit of confidence.

As far as search engine optimization is concerned, it is relatively easy to make your way to the top which is why popularity usually wins. But don’t get discouraged. Those companies worked hard to get that ranking and so will you. Everyone must earn their popularity for Google and its users.

So how do you gain popularity? Google has a few  indicators to determine your ranking. For the most part it’s all about how you are engaging with your readers. Are you delivering as far as links and social sharing? These are all factors in deciding your popularity.

Social sharing and links can easily coexist and be manipulated. Links can gain you popularity but not within social shares. Those won’t pass PageRank. Focus more on your social shares to gain search engine optimization and popularity. Take advantage of social signals for sharing popular topics like celebrity news or other hot topics.

While links can earn you search engine optimization points, don’t depend on them. Google is really looking at how companies are achieving lots of links they didn’t necessarily earn. So make sure your links are legitimate. Even those back links that you might think are boring can gain ground in the eyes of Google.

Yet the most important way to get the attention of Google is how you are interacting with your readers. Their analysis gives them access to data that determines user behavior and quickly notes who is popular and who isn’t. From how long a user is actually on a site and scrolling through the pages to their bookmarking and copy and pasting activity, it’s all noted.

Google has developed algorithm updates as well as other announcements to help those already established sites. Contact us to help tackle popularity with search engine optimization and become a trusted site for Google and its millions of users.


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