Monday Morning Coffee with Zest Yoga and Wellness

zestThink peace, awareness and flexibility this week with Zest Yoga and Wellness, a new business inside the historic Green Acres Building, St. Joseph, Mo. You might also think physical stamina, strength, calorie-burning and toning – but these are the additional benefits participants receive without really being overly aware of them.

Zest Yoga and Wellness has a bright website presence, with up to date information and schedules that are easy to find and share. The simple photo draws you in immediately, and a growing Facebook presence is also reflecting the business core values – in fact, that’s a key point to address in the brand of Zest Yoga, and to ponder in your own brand strategy.

It’s easy to get acquainted right away what the core philosophies of Zest Yoga and Wellness when you find their resources online:  making the practice of yoga accessible and affordable to various levels of experience; inviting new people to try this ancient art form; celebrating its life benefits and tying these in to an overall lifestyle of wellness.

Here’s another thought to ponder:  Zest Yoga is connecting customers on a deeper level to the areas of personal wellness, such as eating, that impact their lives in overlapping ways. Through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, they offer experienced personal coaching to address barriers to wellness far beyond the yoga studio, such as mindless eating, binge eating and compulsive eating struggles participants may struggle with. So the benefits a consumer receives go beyond just the class and connect them more strongly to the brand and philosophies of Zest. (These concepts are further developed on a Blog page and social media, allowing patrons to easily share.)

Yoga for Men is also a new angle to reach a new target market, and is promoting the benefits of strength and flexibility – as well as the ability for men to acknowledge and become more aware of ways to successfully manage daily stressors. Also note the $5 community class, which is a suggested donation helps support the program. This allows those who enjoy yoga to spend time together in a “community” atmosphere and to invite others to try the experience in a very non-intimidating way. Smart.

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