Does Your Customer Engagement Start With Your Employees?

13008230_sIn a digital world, customer engagement is less likely to occur in person for the business-to-business market place. Those customers are turning to digital sources like social communities, mobile apps, the web, and their peers. Nearly 70 percent of buying processes are done without interacting face-to-face with a vendors sales staff. Here is how today’s social awareness brings a different sort of customer engagement.

In order to reach customers, B2B players are positioning themselves in a way that digitally leverages every touch point during the buying process. Customer engagement depends on digital encounters for distance-selling. It is important to get customers the answers and information they are looking for. Your marketing directors are going to be up against two challenges: accountability and the digital disconnect.

In terms of profitable growth and operational efficiency, little has changed, as both business priorities are over 80 percent, according to Accenture’s report: Turbulence for the CMO: Charting a Path to the Seamless customer Experience. This remains despite the fact most companies have seen operational budgets decrease over time. These studies paint a clear picture of just how difficult accountability is for a majority of Chief Marketing Officers.

The digital disconnect starts with CMOs that struggle to leverage digital opportunities. This is the most effective way to have successful customer engagement. The Accenture study shows just how weak digital orientation is during times it needs to be the most effective. The best way to accomplish customer engagement is by using digital orientation throughout the entire organization.

Every process and function has to be seamless from the inside first. To understand the customers’ needs, CMOs should start relationships within every discipline internally. Regardless of your industry or company’s size, you need to deal with challenges by incorporating new skills to bridge any gaps within your organization.

Customer engagement should be evident through the mobilization of making staff digital ambassadors. Social selling is becoming an intricate part of B2B basis and effectively launching these companies into quality, digital customer engagement. Marketing and sales teams should always be on the same level when customer engagement is concerned.

It is crucial to keep the right talent that builds a culture, competency, and mindset. Contact us to develop the initiatives that drive marketing and sales the most, engaging customers. We know the best options to connect every aspect of your company and create new competencies you will need to overcome even the toughest marketing challenges.

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