Monday Morning Coffee with Spectacular Settings

If you have spent any amount of time on Pinterest, you have seen the beautifully put together weddings, the gorgeous perfection of a birthday party, and picture after picture of amazing events that are impeccably put together. And then, if you’re anything like me, you sit back and wonder about the genius mind that pulled it all together. This morning’s Monday Morning Coffee is about to feature such a person!

spectacularHer name is Katie Peterson and she is the owner of Spectacular Settings, a wedding and event decorating company. They come to the venue of your choice, set up the decorations, and then tear them down at the end. Typically, time is spent decorating weddings, but Spectacular Settings also helps set up birthday parties, graduation parties, anniversaries, and several other events.

Katie was happily connected with the previous owner of the company and thoroughly enjoyed her internship. As the only intern, really the only employee, she had the opportunity to see all sides of the business. Katie went to bridal shows, helped pull together center pieces for events, went to appointments, and anything else she was able to participate in. Upon graduating college, she settled into a job with an insurance company, thinking that there wouldn’t be much of an opportunity to grow with Spectacular Settings. Soon she was drawn back into Spectacular Settings and worked with the previous owner for a while.

Last year, after some discussion and a brief transition, Kate took over Spectacular Settings on December 1st, 2012. It’s been a year of magic for Katie. She says, “There isn’t much about my job that I don’t like… Which makes for a great career choice, I guess!”

She works with the client to begin to piece together ideas, asking them what colors to include, things they’ve seen that they like, and then her creativity just takes off. “Pinterest is helpful occasionally for inspiration… But at times, it can give brides [and other clients] unrealistic expectations for their event. I try to provide a very unique creation that reveals each client’s personality and is still functional.”

For Spectacular Settings, word of mouth has been an important part of getting the name out there. It also helps that venues hand out her business card to their clients. Katie says that social media strategies are also very helpful to her business. Check out her Facebook page to see what she’s been up to lately, because she is excellent at keeping her followers up to date! Katie also provides some “Behind-The-Scenes” photos, so you get a glimpse of her creative mind at work and then you can see it all come together.

Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions marvels at the creativity of Katie and Spectacular Settings. In what new ways can you  be spectacular for your customers this month? Contact us today to talk about marketing and content strategies.

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