What Social Media Platform Is Best for You?

18459566_s (1)It can be easy to just assume that you need to be on all the major social media platforms. However, it is best to go where your target audience is hanging out. As one would assume, you wouldn’t want to place an ad about the upcoming ballet in a hunting magazine. With social media being a great place to begin marketing your business, it’s necessary to still get the message directly to your target audience.

A recent analyses done by Social Barrel highlights the audiences that frequent the most popular social media platforms. This information will help you discover if you’re using the correct platforms for your business and target market. Additionally, the information helps determine which types of media – text, article link, photo, video – works best for the different social media platforms. Before we dive into the information, it’s important to note that the ten social media platforms highlighted in this analysis are as follows:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google+

  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube

  • Pinterest

  • Reddit

  • Slideshare

  • StumbleUpon

  • Instagram

When it comes to the most suitable media type for the different platforms, Facebook rises to the top.  Facebook and YouTube are by far the channels with the most potential reach; Twitter and Google+ are the next two in line. However, don’t forget that the amount of people you are reaching isn’t always the most important thing to focus on. The quality of the interaction is also important when it comes to your business. Keep in mind that not all of the social media platforms promote customer engagement.

Some of the more shocking statistics came when you scrolled down far enough to see the breakdown in age. Facebook saw the majority of users are between 45-54 years of age with more males than females. Google+ has the largest group of 25-34 year olds. LinkedIn captures the attention of male, 35-44 year olds while Twitter, on the other hand, is used by more females than males.

The infographic provides much more information about social media platforms and those who use them. It can seem rather overwhelming to keep up with all that information, Susan J. Campbell is here to help make it less overwhelming. Our team is ready to keep track of social media trends and make sure that your business is on the right social media platform, reaching the right target audience for your business.

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