Do You Need To Reevaluate Your SEO Strategy?

21362077_mFrom time to time your SEO will need to take a new direction. Every business goes through changes and making decisions that mean switching your focus isn’t easy. But if you know your SEO isn’t working then you need to get going. This article talks about how you can get started in redirecting your current SEO.

You already know that SEO results can take several months. The sooner you get started transitioning the better. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. When developing a new SEO strategy you need to lay the foundation. It is possible to simply redirect pages depending on domain changes or maintenance but a brand new strategy would involve some redirection and starting from scratch.

Here are 3 easy steps to get started:

  1. Have a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t. Make a list of pros and cons and try to include every aspect of your SEO strategy. Don’t exclude anything. A list in the waiting can help eliminate stress down the road if you come to the problem again.
  2. Get everybody on the same page. Creating a brand new SEO is not something you should do alone. Talk to whomever is working on your SEO. It is important to bring them in on the early stages to address any concern of theirs as well as gather their insight.
  3. Do your homework. There are SEO experts out there and it might be worth your while to research your options and see what they have to say. Remember, your company is unique and your SEO strategy should be customized to meet your business goals. 

Once you have developed a new SEO strategy, it’s time to put it in action. You should begin by readdressing your business goals and go from there. Focus on your business needs during implementation.

Secondly, you should not launch your new plan without talking to someone outside your company first. Make sure an SEO expert has looked over your plan. If your first attempt failed, there is a reason. Don’t make the same mistake twice.

Lastly, take advantage of Google Analytics to measure the SEO results from the redirection. For social media success and link building, look at tools for these specific tactics.

Taking on a new SEO direction can be very complex. There are experts at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions that can help you develop the best plan possible and assist you in implementing whatever strategy you are looking at executing. Contact us to get you started.

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