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Monday Morning Coffee: Congratulations to Our Own LuAnn Cadden on Her New Book

A great writer can find a great story anywhere – even hidden behind the green mile marker signs that point to journeys taken long ago, dotting the long stretches of highway that many of us may pass without a second … Continue reading

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New Report Shows Growth Areas in B2B Content Marketing

A new report on trends in content marketing says that B2B marketers who are enjoying the greatest success share a few key stratagems. Consider what the report said was characteristic of leading content marketers. 1. They have higher budgets According … Continue reading

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Blog Writing Tips That Keep Your Audience Coming Back

Building an audience that will return to your blog takes a focused effort to engage the audience with content that keeps them coming back. With consistent creations over a period of time, the audience will grow and they will keep … Continue reading

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Keeping up With the Changes at Google is Imperative in Maintaining Relevance and Ranking With SEO

Staying on top of Google’s rules and frequently changing algorithms is key to companies that use SEO writing to boost their page views. Falling behind could lead to wasting valuable resources. For example, did you know that Google now has … Continue reading

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Blog Writing is All About Content. Nothing More. Nothing Less.

Good blog writing depends on content, plain and simple. But what defines “good content” is semantics really. What may be good content for you may not work for someone else and there starts the debate. Yet I think we call … Continue reading

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Great Women, Great Stories, Great Content: It’s Celebration Time!

Great content marketing is still all about a great story.  And we’re so glad to be reminded of this truth.                           In our community, the official first day … Continue reading

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Making Heads or Tails Out of Keyword Focused Writing

Keyword focused writing is essential if you want your website recognized. But just as important is the editorial value of the article or blog itself. Creating valuable content on your website is always more important than having a keyword listed … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Driving traffic to your website can be a challenge until you find just the right process that works for your company. This traffic is what you need to grow your presence and revenue opportunity on the Internet, making it an … Continue reading

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