Are Your Search Engine Optimization Tactics Landing You in Hot Water?

11359623_sIf you want your search engine optimization to be successful you’re going to have to invest in it. Small to medium-sized businesses are on a tight budget, we know that, but what you may not know is that lowering your standards could cost you. Google has made some big changes this year which has created more fear among webmasters. Yet budgets remain traditional with little wiggle room.

Her are four key reasons you should reconsider investing in quality search engine optimization services.

Because Google Said So. Yes. That’s right. Google is not the same machine it was five years ago. The search engine giant is openly putting its foot down on tactics like keyword stuffing, reborn domains, article spinning, duplicate content, excessive bookmarks, and paid links to name a few. You can read the writing on the wall: Quality Content Only.

Updates Are Costly. You’ll find that straying from the now “outlawed” search engine optimization tactics will not only be new but expensive. Recovering from Google’s updates won’t be easy but it will give you an added value as far as content marketing is concerned.

Start by addressing the easiest fixes such as on-site technical problems followed by duplicate content, thin content, and really poor link building. Embracing quality content such as news jacking can help you along your way to creative search engine optimization.

Each of these options will take some investment but if you take advantage of quality search engine optimization services now you can avoid big penalties and more headache down the road.

Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Together at Last. Don’t be that small business that can fit their SEO strategy into a mold. While there are the basic rules for webmasters, they shouldn’t go against the principles of business process outsourcing. You should always maintain a precise level of performance monitoring and accountability while outsourcing your processes and execution.

Public relations and marketing departments are no longer down the hall from search engine optimization creators, rather they are all intertwined and working together. Each has a unique way of helping the other.

More Investment Equates More Profitability. Companies that are taking the advice and investing in their search engine optimization goals are seeing ROI very high. Avoiding vendors that fit your current budget, instead, broaden your budget and spend your money wisely on a search engine optimization firm that will give you the greatest ROI.

If you are struggling to find a vendor that meets your budget, let us help. The experts at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions have mastered the art of converging public relations, marketing, and search engine optimization while delivering quality content. Contact us to go over your concerns and develop a plan that works for you.

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