Twitter Has the Power

11305475_mSometimes we look at Twitter and think it is only filled with communication about who did what and when it happened. However, Twitter has an immense amount of potential when it comes to eCommerce, and that’s been looked over lately.

It’s becoming increasingly more common to purchase clothing and other like items online; it’s even becoming quite common to purchase groceries online. The next natural and potential progression is to be able to shop directly through social media platforms like Twitter. Already there are startups (like a company named Chirpify) allowing followers to simply “#buy” certain items – giving them an “in-stream payment” on Twitter.

It is still growing, but already 30 percent of eCommerce buyers were influenced by social media and the content posted by friends in 2013. Consumers are also using Twitter to reach out to the brand for customer service, hearing about sales and new deals, and engaging with the brand itself.

Previously brands were dependent on celebrities for endorsements and finding other unique ways to promote their products. Now, brands can employ Twitter followers to up the exposure among followers and their target market. As always, recommendations from friends have one of the biggest impacts on purchases. A Market Force survey tells us that 81 percent of the consumers asked stated that social networks, like Twitter, had a direct impact on their purchase decisions.

One of the biggest issues for eCommerce is the mobile consumer. Twitter is used as a mobile app more often (60 percent of Twitter users accessed the app and site through their cell phones) and the use of Tweet-Sales sounds appealing to those mobile consumers. It’s important for brands to ensure that they are accessible through all sorts of mobile devices; it can be seen as even more important to be connected and grab hold of the opportunities in the mobile social media area.

Don’t get too concerned about Twitter overtaking the eCommerce website, however. If anything, Twitter will begin sending even more traffic to the website, extending the brand’s reach and exposure. If it seems a little daunting to get involved in Twitter and other social media platforms, contact Susan J. Campbell to get some assistance. We’re always happy to help find what will work best for you and your brand.

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