How To Use Twitter For Your Business

16532510_sLike all social media platforms, Twitter has an abundance of its own tools and apps. If you’re just getting started with Twitter you could be a bit overwhelmed. This article talks about sifting through all the free tools your business can take advantage of.

Depending on your budget, you can choose to manage your profile and tweet from the native Twitter homepage or one of the many free or fee-based clients. Your decision should depend on all the accounts users, your analysis and reporting needs, what smart devices you will be using, and how often you use your account.

We’ve taken the chore out of search for free Twitter tools and apps. Here are a few we recommend.

  • Hootsuite. This can be used on your mobile or desktop. There are three ways to sign up, including a free app that gives you the option to manage four different social networking sites using one simple tool. Hootsuite gives you access to basic analytics, team collaboration, and scheduling. Your view can be put into columns called “streams” for searches, keywords or groups on accounts.

  • Tweetdeck, which is now owned by Twitter is for desktop and web only. It enables you to create two columns for accounts and searches that give you the ability to monitor any incoming feed and you won’t miss any of your follower’s tweets.

  • Twilert enables you to receive updates on any tweets that contain your products, services, and brands. It gives you the option to decide which keywords you want updates on.

  • Twitter Advances Search is not talked about a lot but has powerful search capabilities.

  • Monitter is a great monitoring tool that allows for real-time searches based on specific keywords.

  • Klout and Kred are two great tools that can measure what influence your company may have among social network platforms.

  • SocialBro and SocialBakers are strong Twitter analysis tools. SocialBakers can track stats internationally.

  • Twistlistmanager can keep you organized. It retrieves your followers and the lists you have and places them on one page.

The list can seem endless. Let Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions help you decipher all of your options and use Twitter to your advantage.


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