Twitter Tests Location Sharing Options

17428103_mAre you ever tweeting and wish you knew who else was an avid Twitter user? It appears that with the still-being-tested “Nearby” function you might be able to make this wish come true.

Twitter knows that mobile users are the top users of their social media platform. They have made great strides in the past year to make the mobile app more user friendly, making upgrades and moving things around. This possible new function appears to be a way to get more users to share their location, making the platform more locally relevant – similar to Foursquare. Tweeting with location is not a new concept to Twitter, as it has been around since 2010, but it has been turned off by default.

It seems this new function could help alleviate some of the frustrations that have been caused by the millions of tweets. The hope is the location will help organize the tweets even further, making it easier to read through and more relevant to each user.

The one thing that might make someone little cautious about using this possible new function is that it shows the tweets of strangers, not just those you’re following. This makes it a little different from Foursquare. Instead of just checking in with your friends, you are checking in with any Twitter user nearby (which seems to be just about everyone these days).

What do you think about this possible new change on Twitter? Will you use this function or decide to keep your location a secret?

Even without the location-sharing function, Susan J. Campbell believes Twitter might be a valuable platform for your company. Ask us how you can use Twitter as a great marketing tool!

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