Keeping up With the Changes at Google is Imperative in Maintaining Relevance and Ranking With SEO

10983732_mStaying on top of Google’s rules and frequently changing algorithms is key to companies that use SEO writing to boost their page views. Falling behind could lead to wasting valuable resources.

For example, did you know that Google now has a section on the first page of search results that include in-depth articles only? If you’re producing SEO writing that is less than 2,000 words, you may not be landing on that first page. In many cases, Google is putting the well known publishers on that page, but search results are pulling up those that are not so well known.

Google is also getting more in-depth with its Google + accounts. People with these accounts now being tracked not only by location and what they’re searching, Google is also in on everything you do on Google products. Google sees who you are interacting with, where you’re writing your articles and what communities you’ve joined.

It’s all about personalization, and Google is getting more personal by directing your search results toward pages that you interact with most frequently. For instance, if you’re interacting with an SEO writer quite often, their results will come up more often and on the first page in searches that use keywords that have anything to do with what they’re writing.

Companies that deal a lot in SEO writing had better have a lot of relationships built up and have the quality articles that Google demands if they want to survive these changes. Socializing with the right people and building quality relationships with these people is crucial.

The folks at Susan J Campbell Copywriting Solutions track every change Google makes and tailors copywriting to give our clients the best possible chance to get noticed online. The writers create quality content that relies on research and accuracy.

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