Ramp up Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns

Holiday Marketing 1It’s never too early to start planning Christmas promotions. With Halloween just around the corner, now is actually the perfect time to start developing marketing strategies, which should include email marketing campaigns.

The Christmas campaign should look different than your normal email template. Make it pop with a new design that will attract attention. Christmas themes are easy to come up with and there so many possibilities, from Christian-based to Santa Clause and reindeer.

Once you’ve got the attention of your audience, keep them interested with something that adds value. Perhaps a free voucher code or a discount on items that only they can take advantage of? Many campaigns have had success with voucher codes. These need to be sent out prior to the commencement of shopping season, but most campaigns limit the code validity to about a week or a little longer.

Consider sending your audience a guide to the gifts you’re offering this season. This is a way for you to highlight some of the newest products that you want to push. On top of that, you’re giving your audience ideas for what to gift their loved ones this Christmas. Some people are difficult to buy for, but with a gift guide at their fingertips, the task becomes less burdensome.

The goal of email marketing campaigns is to make money. Sometimes it takes giving stuff away for free to reach that goal. Christmas competitions are a perfect avenue for highlighting your products/services while getting your audience excited about the chance of winning something. Campaigns that give away one very large item and campaigns that give away a large number of small items seem to attract the most attention.

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