Content Creation That Stands Out in the Crowd

When you log on to your social media feeds, do you sometimes feel like you are seeing the same things over and over again? Do you notice how the same ads on the side of a website don’t register in your brain after seeing them more than once? That’s because we are all looking for something new and exciting. How can you stay unique and relevant when writing about your own product?

Consider these tips in your content creation process to produce material that is original and thought provoking.

1. Write about what moves you

Who can forget those moving Kleenex commercials where they invite people to Kleenex 1sit down on a couch in the middle of town and tell their stories? In no time at all, complete strangers were bonding over shared experiences, loss and support. Cue the Kleenex, the perfect tissue to wipe away your tears. “Let it out” they said. And people did. If the content in your advertisements, blog posts and website moves you, chances are it will strike a chord with your audience as well, connecting everyone on a personal level.

2. Let your personality shine

When you talk about your company, pretend you are in a room full of your closest friends and relatives. Talk as if they’ve known you for years and you’ll instantly create a conversational atmosphere that encourages back and forth discussion and feedback. Unless your family includes 10 brothers and sisters and even more uncles and cousins; in which case you might want to take turns raising hands.

3. Collaborate with like-minded people in your industry

In your content creation process, you may find yourself with writer’s block. Have no fear, because with a little research, you’ll easily find online discussions in your field of work or you can read blogs written by fellow business owners in your industry. You don’t have to do exactly what everyone else is doing, but chances are you’ll have an opinion or story that you can build off of theirs.

The easiest way to generate content that is creative and unique is to write about what you know. At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, we know you’re the experts and we want to help you shine by listening to your stories and creating content for your marketing strategies that speak to your target audiences.

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