Things to Consider When Crafting Your Content Marketing Plan

In the same way that real estate is all about location, location, location…marketing could be said to be all about content, content, content. In order to Social Media 5really benefit from social media marketing and SEOs you have to offer great content. Just getting people to show up is only half the job, once there you need to give them what they came for. To do that consistently you’re going to need a solid content marketing plan.

1. Your content should be a priority
Quality content that is fresh and well-conceived doesn’t happen without a content marketing plan. You need more than high-impact visuals. You need content that enhances those visuals with understanding and a great customer experience. And it can’t happen haphazardly – you need a plan for updating your content to keep visitors interested and coming back for more.

2. Your content should be consistent
What this means is that wherever someone goes on your site, all of your content should reflect a consistent voice. Whether it is the design of the web page or the text presentation, everything about your site should be cohesive in tone and message. Conveying core values through text happens when clear writing guidelines are in place.

3. Your content should not be link-dependent
In the kingdom of social media, content is the coin of the realm. It is perfectly acceptable to occasionally link to industry-related content somewhere else, but what you’re really after is your own deposit of original thoughts and viewpoints that live on your site. Your innovative writing should attract others and allow them see you as a thought leader in the industry.

Crafting a quality content marketing plan is what we do at SJC Copywriting Solutions. Whatever your line of business, let the content experts at SJC help you design a plan that will increase visibility, traffic and measurable results.

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