Content Creation: Is it All in the Name?

Whether you’re scrolling through Facebook, reading tweets on Twitter, perusing the latest update on your favorite blog, or enjoying a delightful book on a Saturday morning, you are consuming content. We here at SJC are all about content creation. However, according to Scott MacFarland, it might be time for a re-brand of that phrase. Could this be the case?

MacFarland gives us some examples of content: “telling a story, writing, editing, 18459566_s (1)designing, shooting photos, video, writing a blog, posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, creating audio, music, a voiceover, creating advertising for the online and offline world.” This is only the beginning of what could be defined as content creation. Content is words, pictures or videos and each aspect that goes into those things.

Is content selling or does it sell something else? It appears that it is doing both. Producing compelling content is a way to sell this content itself. The strategic use of content can be used to sell certain products. The former is a newspaper article or a TV commercial; those are just a couple of examples. However, the latter is something like a book review or the blog posts we write, or even the TV commercials that are used to sell products.

These are things that create the very fabric of the world that surrounds us. How can we even begin to dive into changing the words, “content creation”? Changing those words might actually change the finished content, which might have a devastating effect on what we create content for.

At the very end of MacFarland’s article he mentions that it was a complete failure to even suggest re-branding content creation. But what are your thoughts? If you could re-brand content creation, how would you change it?

Since content creation is what Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions does, we like to say, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” and mention that even if it does get a re-branding, we’re here to help you!

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