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Businesses Put Their Marketing Into the Hands of Customers With User Generated Content

Social media users are constantly in tune with what others are doing. Today social media is a great tool for consumers to see what others are buying, recommending and raving about. Businesses are tapping into that by letting those social … Continue reading

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Content Creation: Is it All in the Name?

Whether you’re scrolling through Facebook, reading tweets on Twitter, perusing the latest update on your favorite blog, or enjoying a delightful book on a Saturday morning, you are consuming content. We here at SJC are all about content creation. However, … Continue reading

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Are You Creating Content That’s Going No Where?

Did you ever stop and wonder why the wheel was created? Probably not. It seems like almost overnight we’ve understood the importance of tweeting and posting to social media. Most of us have even become experts at creating content that … Continue reading

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Are You Stuck in Your Old Branding Strategy?

Branding doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that starts with knowing what you want your brand to be. Building a branding strategy includes personalization, promotion, and content creation. A recent article highlighted four ways to identify your personal brand and … Continue reading

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Four Good Reasons for Starting Your Own Blog

When you write for a living, the furthest thing from your mind when you finish the day may be going home to write in your spare time. It’s easy to “turn off” so to speak, but there are many benefits … Continue reading

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The Lure of Creative Content Creation: Fishing for Marketing Success

Imagine that the world out there is one giant lake, full of potential clients.  Your business wants to catch those clients.  What’s the best way to reel them in? If you talk to other businesses fishing on the same lake, … Continue reading

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Checklist for When You Choose a Branding Consultant

How do you choose a branding consultant? Do you meet a few for an “it’s just lunch,” or do you look online to see who likes what you like?  Trying to choose a branding consultant is not all that unlike … Continue reading

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