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Content Creation: Is it All in the Name?

Whether you’re scrolling through Facebook, reading tweets on Twitter, perusing the latest update on your favorite blog, or enjoying a delightful book on a Saturday morning, you are consuming content. We here at SJC are all about content creation. However, … Continue reading


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Revive Your Blog

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Twinkies and Social Branding

Really, we shouldn’t be a bit surprised by the fact that Twinkies can provide us with a lesson in branding. Saying that America has been in love with Twinkies since the 1930’s, when Twinkies were introduced to the world, might … Continue reading

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Are You Creating Content That Will Get You Lead Conversion?

At the end of the day you need to do what it takes to draw customers and get them to buy from you. To do this you have to establish good relationships and sometimes the best way is creating content … Continue reading

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How to Plan Your Content Strategy

A successful content strategy, simply put, is one that involves more content and content that is quality. Even if you have a million topics running through your head, don’t jump the gun. It is important to have a plan. A … Continue reading

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