How The New LinkedIn Updates Benefit Users

16255665_mThanks to new updates, LinkedIn has become even more useful and user friendly for businesses and professionals. Here are updates you need to know about:

1. Mobile App
When you are on the go like most business professionals are, getting the information you need or updating your profile needs to be easy as swiping your finger across your screen. Thanks to LinkedIn’s new mobile app update, it’s literally that easy. You can now approve connections, update your profile and quickly scan articles and forums right from your phone.

2. Group Settings
Thanks to over 8,000 groups discussing ideas, asking questions and making connections, LinkedIn was looking for a way for users to experience even more ways to easily connect with others. They did this by allowing users to customize their group spaces to make them personalized according to target markets, location, topics or shared interests. LinkedIn isn’t just for business. Remember that’s where businesses come to find the people they want working for them. It’s literally a virtual job fair, so use the groups to get your name out there. Taking part in discussions in your field can be as effective as leaving your resume out on the table.

3. Analytics
Businesses will find a handy tool among LinkedIn’s updates thanks to the ability to track their company’s page. Keep track of what content creates the most engagement, map trends of discussions to find out what time of day is the best to post and even compare your data to other company’s content and profiles. If you are a business owner, knowing when your target audience is most active online is a powerful tool when you’re reaching out about your product.

4. Showcases
Nothing is better for businesses than showing off what you’ve got. Now companies have more room on LinkedIn to tell their story: easily customizable extensions off their main pages give businesses the extra space to talk about their mission or show off a more extensive list of their services. LinkedIn is already a great portal to tap into your target audience. Now not only are you connected to the specific groups, you can hold their attention with the specific information you want them to see.

Why is LinkedIn so powerful for businesses? Originally, it seemed LinkedIn was on the social media radar because it was more like a Facebook for the professional world. Young career enthusiasts proclaimed their talents and skills, hoping to connect with the perfect company. These days, companies are just as active on the site, using the site to connect with potential customers. Companies instantly become the expert in their industry when they are the ones answering questions from their audience. Building connections like that are priceless. Think of LinkedIn as less of a “social media” portal and more of a “professional connections” opportunity.

Susan J. Campbell has a staff that is specially trained in Social Media and creates entire Social Media Strategies built around helping companies tap into sites like LinkedIn. To find out how your business can benefit from LinkedIn, contact us today.

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