Monday Morning Coffee with Omega-RMS

omegaIf you have any doubts about the power of a solid plan in place before diving into anything, take a look at Omega-RMS. Omega-RMS is a provider of strategic contact campaigns, loan-servicing, third-party receivables purchasing and collection solutions. They are focused in industry areas including education, healthcare, training, consumer products and services, and more.  The goal of Omega-RMS is to provide more than just simple collection agency services, but to truly provide solutions for their clients.

Omega-RMS had an amazing year in 2013, just one year into their new brand. They experienced 30 percent growth in its topline revenue, while creating new initiatives, expanding personnel and generating a passionate focus on marketing.

How have they managed to get these results? Talented individuals were put together to create a team that was focused on pushing for a variety of results within the company. Ashley Bradley was hired as the managing director and has generated revenue by creating new branding and sales initiatives.

The upcoming opening of a new location in Tiffany Springs Parkways in Kansas City, Missouri,  is just one example of Omega’s desire to extend their success throughout the United States. Edward Vasques, president and CEO said, “The company set out to establish a new standard in the collection industry.”

In 2014, Omega-RMS strives to continue “moving forward” (as their tagline implies) in their industry. Part of this will likely be achieved through continued efforts on LinkedIn and Twitter. Their team has seen some amazing success through LinkedIn already and has become an active participant in a variety of groups. Not only has this placed their brand in the minds industry leaders around the nation, it has also generated clients for them.

Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions wants to congratulate Omega-RMS on their exciting success during 2013 and wishes them even more success this year. Watching a well-thought out plan come together successfully for a company – while achieving solid results – is our idea of “livin’ the dream.” What’s yours? Contact us today to talk about how to get started.

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