Creating a Quality Content Marketing Plan

Developing a quality content marketing plan starts with asking yourself questions rather than trying to provide immediate answers. It also involves looking into the questions that your clients are asking and what consumers are talking about.

Looking at your specific industry, can you identify the pain points? What are the most immediate challenges your industry is facing? Look at your competitors and see if you have similar issues or if their issue could be one that you’ll face in the near future. When you identify the pain points, start working on ways to handle these issues and include this in your content marketing plan.14562569_m

Sometimes, peering into the issues facing other industries can bring insights about your own. Try picking up a quality website with content relating to something entirely different from yours, and read it at least once a week. You might be surprised how this information can lead to ideas for your content marketing plan.

Is your content instigating conversation? Dynamic storytelling can boost the level of conversation your brand is generating. Think about the incremental content elements that involve stories about your brand. At the same time, look into what people are talking about. Latch onto the most current events affecting your industry and offer quality content on the subject. Frequently check Google+ and LinkedIn to keep up on the conversations.

Make sure your content marketing plan is built to achieve business objects and not just content objectives. To achieve this, you need to understand why you’re coming up with content. After you’ve identified various trends and issues, write down a statement about your mission and go from there.

The team at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions follows the trends and develops quality content that targets your specific needs. Give them a call and get started on your content marketing plan today.

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