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Social media is what’s hot in brand marketing and video marketing is what’s trendingSocial Media Marketing 1
now in the social hot spot. Consulting firm Accenture’s 2013 survey revealed that 90 percent of consumers worldwide enjoy viewing online videos. That means that posting videos online is a sure way to attract visitors to your site and make increased connections with new customers.

The sites which host online videos report hefty traffic. YouTube gets billions of viewers annually. Vimeo has reached the 14 million mark and Vine is not far behind with 13 million users. So how can you get your brand in front of the online video audience? Here are just a few suggestions.

1. Educational video

This kind of video isn’t so much about promoting your product as it is about meeting a customer need. Pottery Barn uses educational videos to show customers how to hang drapes and measure properly for area rugs. The information goes beyond product promotion by giving customers something they value. Other ways to incorporate educational videos might include a local garage posting tutorials on how to change a car tire or a bakery sharing how to create a party dessert bar.

2. Customer reviews

This form of video marketing is appealing because it taps into the most trusted source of product information – the personal experiences of other customers. Customer testimonials can take place in-store or can be sent in by customers themselves. The real-life experiences of others makes for compelling viewing as well as powerful product promotion.

3. The human connection

Video marketing also works well when you can give your brand a personal touch. Use videos to introduce the people that make your product happen – from the manufacturer to the warehouse to the person who makes the final sale. Video is a great way to give your inanimate product a human fingerprint and allows customers to make an interaction with people rather than an impersonal company.

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