Social Media Content Directed at the Right Target Improves ROI

According to a recent survey by Social Media Examiner, around 58 percent of marketers said social media use has helped them to improve their sales. LinkedIn appears to be a popular site for B2B marketers, 65 percent of which said they’ve gained new customers through it. However, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) found in its study that 49 percent of marketers say social media is the least effective tool they use in their marketing strategies.

According to CMI, about 62 percent of the marketers surveyed said LinkedIn isSocial Media 7 effective, while only 21 percent believed Google+ was effective. Twitter was the second most popular at 50 percent of marketers finding it effective. Thirty percent or fewer marketers found Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Vine effective.

For social media to be effective in the B2B market, your business needs to know the audience you are targeting. What’s probably most important in a marketing strategy is that you truly know the audience’s buying behavior. Reaching out through social media channels and offering social media content is a fruitless act if you don’t have a thorough understanding of the buyer.

Once the target is understood, developing objectives is the next crucial step. What is it that you’re trying to achieve with your social media content? Every channel is a little different, which means your content will have to be altered. Once you have clear objectives you will have something to measure against.

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