Erase Gray Areas With Separate Social Media and Content Marketing Plans

12874809_sWith so many ways to show off your brand online, you may see more gray areas than black and white. For instance, because social media channels offer your consumers bits and pieces of content, you may think that social media is part of your content marketing plan. However, having a strong social media presence and meaningful content are both so important they require their own plans that are separate from each other.

Another reason to make sure content and social media get their own attention is that the two strategies are actually very different. Content comes first. After you’ve developed useful, relevant and thought-provoking information, social media comes next to help you get that information out to the masses. But you can’t stop there. After you post a blog or press release, there are many more opportunities for you to reach your target audience other than just posting a link on Facebook.

Once you have creative content, keep in mind the following guidelines that can help boost the results from social media:

How to Create a Strong Social Media and Content Relationship

  • First, know your audience. Knowing your target goes beyond simple demographics. Ask yourself: How do they spend their time on social media? When are they most likely to share posts? Keeping tabs on referral posts and analytics will guide you right where your target audience is.
  • Offer something valuable. Your content shouldn’t look or feel like advertising. Use your content marketing plan to create educational and informative posts that are useful to your consumer. Use the power of provoking titles to grab their attention and keep it by sharing actionable tips, step-by-step instructions and something your consumer can take away from the content.
  • Go beyond sharing. Social media is indeed a great way to share your content, but its uses go far beyond the “post” button. Use social media to expand the conversation with your consumers. Talk with your audience about your industry, share a “behind-the-scenes” story and feel free to answer their questions. Sharing their testimonies and thanking them for their participation are also ways of effecting engaging them.

Creating social media and content marketing plans that are both powerful together and separate are one of the many ways to offer your consumers more than just advertising. At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, we create effective, unique brand strategies cover those bases and more. Contact us today and let’s start brainstorming.

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