Walk the H2H Path and Use Twitter as Your Guide

“Wait. H2H? I thought it was B2C or B2B. What are you talking about?”

So glad you asked! H2H means Human to Human. Think about it, you are a human being. You have certain characteristics that are wholly unique to you, hobbies that you enjoy during any free time you might have, children you interact with, friends you grab dinner with. Each of these things creates a certain value of which companies need to be more aware.

A recent article reminded us of what we should really be focusing on. We need to start focusing on H2H interactions, not just from a marketing perspective, but in every single aspect of business.

“Okay, I definitely agree. But where does Twitter come in? It’s pretty much considered a ‘one-to-many’ platform, right?”

Twitter 1Great question, seriously. To a lot of brands, that couldn’t be a truer assessment of Twitter. However, if we begin to shift our focus to using it more for communication and generating and maintaining relationships, we might see something amazing happen.

Here are five simple ways to get into the H2H mindset while using Twitter:

1. Automation

Seems like it shouldn’t be first when we are talking about H2H, right? The thing to do is use scheduling platforms correctly, and you will have the time to actually engage with your followers.

2. Twitter Lists

These can be a simple way to categorize individuals and groups you are following into lists to make engagement easier and more focused. Put your target audience in their own list; begin by talking to them about what interests them. Don’t engage about your product or services when you start replying, make it about them and their tweet!

3. Twitter Searches

Be sure that you’re looking into some of the conversations and tweets that are about your industry. Jump in, reply, and engage with individuals. This could lead to the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

4. Be Human

It isn’t B2H (Business to Human). It’s Human to Human! Make sure that your brand is being human too. Be accessible, be funny, be you! Relate to your target audience. Find your voice and run with it.

5.  Don’t Be a Stalker

Once this H2H interaction catches on with your followers, you might get seriously excited. Take a deep breath, go out for a coffee run, and come back. No one wants to get a favorite or a retweet from a brand on every single one of their tweets. That’s maybe just a little far. Be sure to take it slow.

Don’t be the friend that always talks about yourself. Be super human (not in a super hero way, unless that’s what you want) with the help of SJC. Contact us today to start being a more human brand.

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