The Mobile User Experience: Are You Giving This to Your Customers?

If you haven’t believed all the talk about it being a mobile society, maybe these numbers will change your mind: Mobile traffic increased more than 50 percentMobile Phones 1 in the last 12 months. In fact, global smartphone traffic took up 20 percent of all internet traffic in December 2013. That’s one in five individuals who are using mobile devices to access the internet.

Is your content mobile ready?

Here are some steps to ensure your mobile visitors aren’t going to walk away from your content:

Mobile Site: You can make sure that your website also has a mobile website version. This is basically a much simpler version of the desktop site. It will provide users with only the most vital content. However, they can also look a little disconnected from the desktop site, since the theme usually won’t carry over.

Responsive Design: This is a great alternative to building out a mobile website and works great for the mobile user experience or the desktop user experience. The website will detect the resolution of the user’s device and adjust how the content loads to fit those dimensions. One thing you should consider is that having a responsive design can increase the page’s load time, especially for a mobile user.

Easy to Read Text: When writing content, be sure to keep the mobile user experience in mind. Keep it short and sweet. Also think about what your text looks like in terms of font choice, size, and spacing decisions.

Think About Images: Images are a great idea and can be extremely useful. However, consider the size and number of images you are putting on your website. If there are too many, it’s going to take longer for the page to load.

Mobile-Friendly Video: Video is popular, even for mobile users. Some numbers say that video accounts for almost half of all mobile traffic. Wow! This is an important one to consider. Be sure to optimize your video content for the mobile user experience.

Are you already doing some of these things? Are you ready to dive fully into the mobile world of 2014? Contact SJC today and we’ll take your content to a whole new place, through the mobile user experience!

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