Habits of Successful Marketing Strategies

One of the best things you can do for your business is to gain inspiration from successful branding strategies. In a review of the biggest brands’ marketing strategies during the Olympics, Rohit Bhargava, founder of The Influential Marketing Group, cultivated a list of habits of successful marketing strategies. By Marketing Strategy 6looking at these marketing strategies, you can see how other brands hit the mark.

Frequency: In the case of the Olympics, Bhargava gave a “thumbs up” to the brands whose messages were constant throughout the games. Take NBC for example. They didn’t miss a chance to integrate their brand into every nook and cranny. They found ways to promote their own programs without seeming too pushy. They created viral-ready promo ads for The Voice and Jimmy Fallon. They also hired former Olympic figure skaters Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinsky to provide commentary on the games. The pair was so dynamic that the two have sparked interest for their own show. So not only did NBC capitalize on a great marketing strategy, they created memorable content with lasting power.

Simplify: When you have a lot to say about your brand, don’t take the chance of being overwhelming and missing the big picture. Find your overall mission and stick with it.  Over time, your message will be well known to your target audience and you will gain more bang for your buck with a steady message.

Keep it in perspective: Yes, it’s effective for brands to have big name faces in their ads. But ultimately, there are other ways to be a make a big impression. Liberty Mutual chose to focus instead on the underdogs because of their mission to help the underdogs and told the story of Heidi Kloser. Heidi, an Olympic skier looking forward to her first chance at the gold, was severely injured right before the opening ceremonies in a practice run. Liberty Mutual was able to tell her story, almost in real time and used her determined spirit to help spread their message of encouragement.

There are ways your marketing strategies can make a habit of using successful tactics just like these brands. To get started, contact the marketing professionals at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions today.

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