Monday Morning Coffee with SBG Midwest: Taking the “Scary Second Guessing” Out of Managing HR Duties for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

SBG Midwest 1Who can forget the hilarious scene from the 1990s hit “Office Space” where the staunch HR review team arranges an interview with each employee. Face to face in the conference room, they find out with raised eyebrows that some employees are immersed in low morale and poor productivity, and performing outrageous tasks to voice their frustration (including carving fish on their desks, or admitting they only do about 15 minutes of “real, actual work in a given week”).

While the setup is truly comical, the reality of managing HR duties for a small or medium-sized company without formal training isn’t funny at all. In fact, it can be downright scary. For more than a year, SBG Midwest has been helping businesses across northwest Missouri avoid HR crisis, pitfalls, fines and unexpected surprises – along with relieving their anxieties about managing areas like hiring, benefits and internal HR reviews.

“Whether you have four employees or 200, if guiding your team toward managing multiple roles for your company’s success also means someone is serving as the HR director – without the knowledge and experience of all the HR ins and outs – you could be putting yourself in a position to face some serious challenges that cost your business precious time, money toward fines, your reputation and employee outcomes,” says Chuck Davis, Partner/Owner, SBG Midwest. “Not to mention, HR can be pretty stressful and performing this task in the midst of guesswork and multiple roles takes you and your team away from what you love to do.”

SBG Midwest was created to take the guesswork out of managing employees.SBG Midwest 2 Services include a one-time human resources evaluation, employee training and handbook creation or review. The SBG team can also provide ongoing HR assistance for a set rate per employee, so the solution can fit every business. This can include managing time-consuming and complex tasks like hiring new employees, or help with letting employees go when necessary. Many businesses use the handbook creation and review services from SBG to get this daunting, “I’ll do it next week” task off the corner of their desk.

Alongside these options, SBG Midwest can provide guidance and solutions for group employee benefits or individual insurance, making the team a one-stop resource for taking the stress out of HR management. “Many people have a fear of doing something wrong when it comes to employee benefits, hiring or firing, and everyday issues concerning their team,” says Davis. “This causes a lot of second-guessing, fear and lost time. We take that off their plate with our experience and provide a lot of peace of mind, not to mention high-value outcomes like boosts in productivity and morale.

“Employee training not only increases your employees’ skill sets, it creates a more engaged and committed workforce. Let your employees know how valuable they are with employee training sessions. You’ll create a learning environment that increases productivity and improves morale,” says Davis.

With training topics ranging from harassment to business writing, team building, leadership and etiquette, Davis’ experience in journalism, insurance and human resources management is getting results for a growing list of companies across the region – freeing up company directors’ fears and giving them the ability to truly find scenes like Office Space a little more comical, and a lot less scary.

Learn more at SBG Midwest’s new website,

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