Give Your Social Media Marketing a Push

Social Media Marketing 4The first step to getting the momentum you need for your social media marketing to work is obviously a plan. Gather your market information (enter your brand and marketing strategies), create and compile powerful content, and determine roles. These are tried and true steps to take for any plan. From there, don’t be afraid to take into consideration these tips:

  1. Understand the Different Platforms
    Your Twitter and LinkedIn content should look different. The number of posts will differ. You can be more informal on Twitter than is socially acceptable on LinkedIn. Have some solid visual content? Be sure to post to Pinterest or Instagram/Facebook, if that’s where your audience is. Posting the same message on all platforms doesn’t give your audience the specific experience for each interface.
  2. Social Media Marketing is about Listening
    Listen to your customers. They are going to have conversations about your brand and your industry. Engage with them and gather data about what your customers want.
  3. Own That Mistake-Work That Tweet
    Sometimes accidents happen. Posting the wrong message to the wrong account. Tweeting  a personal message on a business profile. It’s happened on numerous occasions, see Red Cross and most recently HubSpot. The art is all how you address the issue. Apologize quickly, admit to the mistake, and laugh about it!
  4. Social Media Marketing Should Reflect Real Outcomes
    Setting goals is great, but creating a plan to measure how social media is helping you achieve those goals. Track your activity and tie this information back to your business outcomes. If you take a more holistic approach to social media marketing, you’ll be giving your brand the push it needs.

Social media marketing takes time, just as traditional marketing does. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get some energy going for your brand’s efforts. Contact Susan J. Campbell today and find out how we can help you gather momentum!


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