Plan on Mobile Marketing For Future Success

Mobile Marketing 3Remember the days when planning a trip required several phone calls for hotel rooms, dinner reservations, tickets to concerts and so on?  Now, you do all of it and then some right from your phone. With studies showing that desktops will likely be entirely replaced by mobile devices in the next five years, it’s time to start putting mobile marketing at the top of your to do list.

To make mobile marketing a priority for your brand, it is important to plan ahead in your marketing strategy. How can you keep track of the upcoming trends? Here are some of the technologies that industry leaders are predicting will make a big impact in the marketing world in the near future:

Geo tracking: A form of GPS tracking that allows advertisers to promote sales and offer coupons and other incentives while the consumer is nearby and therefore, more likely to buy.

Gaming: It’s been proven that consumers enjoy playing games on their phone and they like acquiring points or winning challenges even more. There’s huge potential for brands to advertise during their consumers’ gaming experience as well as incorporating gaming into their consumer’s shopping habits as well.

Downsizing: Mobile marketing means brands go where their consumers go. That means that you have to think small, as in short, sweet and able to fit on a smartphone screen. Think of ways to create impactful messages that can be delivered rapidly.

As you develop or follow your brand strategy, it is important to anticipate what’s on the horizon and experts are anticipating mobile marketing to be the star of show in the coming years.

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