Emotional Branding the Disney Way

When you think about inspiration for your brand, there’s no better place to look than the empire built by Walt Disney. For nearly 100 years, Disney has been delivering epic material for the world to enjoy. Their brand keeps customers happy with attention to detail unsurpassed technology and unique products that customers relate to.

Disney 2Disney has had so much success because they do more than just follow a brand strategy. They have created an empire that evokes emotion and nostalgia among consumers. Emotional branding creates a connection with your consumers that is one of the strongest ties you can have with your target audience.

How Emotional is Your Message?

It doesn’t matter if you are selling tissue paper or retirement plans. If your message has strong emotional branding, it will trigger an emotion with your consumers that will stick with them long after your message is delivered. Consider these tips to emotionally connect with your consumers through your brand’s message.

  1. Trust– Let your consumers know they can trust you. Trusting that the service or product you offer will meet their needs will open many more doors for you, including customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising.
  2. Empathy-Show empathy. Create messages that let your consumers know that you are aware of their needs and work hard to provide them with solutions. Having a complete understanding of your consumer will translate into your message.
  3. Experience-Give your consumers an experience. Your brand should do more than sell a product or service. Once your consumers see your message, whether through thought-provoking Tweets or a creative video, they should walk away with a new feeling or connection to associate with your brand. That type of lasting impression will be more effective than any other form of paid advertising.

At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, we take the time to know your brand and we are passionate about sharing your message. Let us help you create one that will stand the test of time with your consumers. Contact us today for more information on brand strategies and development.

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