Monday Morning Coffee with Kincaid Plant Markers: Growing Something Great in Northwest Missouri

Kincaid Garden Markers 1If you’ve got great plants growing, what do you do then? You organize them, label them and share your stories about them.

Serious garden enthusiasts are thinking of organizing, labeling and remembering their plants this time of year – and serious garden enthusiasts know there’s no garden marker like a Kincaid garden marker. Like many products made in northwest Missouri, the garden markers (a.k.a. plant markers, plant tags or plant labels) came about as a hands-on solution to real problems with existing markers. There’s even an interesting local tie to one of the region’s top businesses.

Founded in 2006, Gary and Gail Kincaid and family have worked to solve garden labeling problems by creating a line of 100 percent stainless steel markers to offer gardeners. In fact, Gary used his professional engineering experience from his first career at Altec, Inc., to personally create some custom equipment for his workshop so that each marker is strong and well-built.

When the concept for Kincaid markers was born, former commercial growers Gary and Gail were challenged to find a plant marker that would perform more reliably than traditional markers. This meant that plates had to stay put, were easy to read, and that the posts wouldn’t corrode or rust over time. The solution came with Kincaid stainless steel plant markers, and today the Kincaid family carefully finishes each marker on-site. They also pack and ship within one business day so that gardeners don’t have to wait. Labeling is easy with the Brother portable labeler system, which is also offered by Kincaid.

Kincaid Garden Markers 2Because they’re stronger and more reliable than other garden markers, Kincaid markers have become the top choice for gardeners who want the best and only want to set out their plant markers once. They’re used at top gardens like Powell Gardens, (Kansas City’s botanical garden), and the Better Homes & Gardens Test Garden in Des Moines, Iowa.

To share the word about their superior markers, Kincaid utilizes a reseller program for garden centers, landscape companies and nurseries. They also offer special discounts for garden clubs whose members place group orders. Recently Kincaid Plant Markers were featured at the YWCA spring garden luncheon with more events planned.

A new logo and tagline were recently created to showcase their product line and a new website and blog “Metal to the Petal” is set to rollout this month. Buyers’ own testimonies about the quality of the markers also go a long way, with customers re-blogging and posting the praise for Kincaid on several sites – including “Best markers I’ve ever used” and “I’m planning to replace all my current markers with Kincaid markers.”

Not only do the Kincaids value exceptional customer service by phone or email, they’re also sharing part of the success of the business with Backpack Buddies to help feed children in need during the weekends when school is closed. As their new social media campaign goes into full swing this spring, no doubt garden enthusiasts nationwide will enjoy getting their plant labeling needs taken care of in one reliable product.

Today SJC honors this down-to-earth (pun intended), solutions-driven business that makes northwest Missouri shine a little more! PS – Try a bundle of Kincaid Plant Markers as a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift.

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