Your Amazing Brand Thumbprint: Start With Your Logo, Tagline and a Unique Emotion

Good news:  even in a wave of exciting Internet-based marketing tools, the basics still matter – in fact, the basics of your brand identity mean more today than ever. Your efforts to be found online and to connect with new audiences are hinged upon the solid foundation of a clearly-articulated and unique brand identity.

What, Exactly, Is Your Brand?
Your brand is the unique combination of your logo and tagline that tell a potential buyer why you’re different from everyone else, and why they should select you and your services. Who do your customers think you are? This is also a key element of branding your business, as well as the information that lets your clients know precisely what they’ll receive from you.

Your Logo is Your Thumbprint
Create a logo carefully, as this small piece of art packs a great deal of power in making you memorable among your customers and helping them sort you out from a list of competitors. Don’t overcomplicate your logo so that it isn’t readable, but allow some room for boldness. Make sure your logo can be reproduced well in black and white or color, since you’ll be placing in on everything you send out – your letterhead, your web site, your emails and social media pages.

Taglines:  An Essential, Straightforward (and Fun) Branding Tool
Your tagline is a statement about the best work you do – in only about five words. This takes time and effort, but is critical toward tying together your logo with the outcomes your clients can expect. It’s a showcase of who you are as an organization and communicates the top benefits you offer. Many organizations create a snappy logo but not an accompanying tagline — and they’re missing out on a distinct branding opportunity.

Emotion and Consistency:  You Need ‘Em Both
Your logo and tagline should create some form of emotional punch for your viewers and clients, and this emotion should be repeated over and over. The colors you choose, the fonts and the message should all point to emotional energy. Sound complicated? Try it this way: think of your brand as capturing a feeling like power, progress or triumph. Identify a few emotion-packed words that you will want to focus in on when creating or reevaluating your brand identity. Once you’ve crafted the right logo, tagline and emotional strength, be sure your brand identity remains like your thumbprint and appears on everything you do – from your top-notch blogs to your press releases and of course, your email and social media signatures.

For the greatest success, aim for incorporating the traditional basics of powerful brand identity into newer tools, like backlinking and forum posts – all part of your overall brand strategy that’s built on quality, meaningful content. Contact our innovative team at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions today to discover an easy, effective brand strategy for 2012.

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