We Get to Talk About Our Name, and We Like It … Do You?

We’re sometimes asked a familiar, but important question:  what does copywriting in your name mean, anyway? If you’re considering a name modification or name change for your business, consider it carefully.

The “copywriting” piece of our name, Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, means a great deal to our business and our overall business philosophy. In fact, it’s what all of our content creation strategies are based upon. Quality writing for websites, printed literature, press releases, blogs or social media posts is a top priority for our business.

Although the word “copywriting” is a bit of a throwback, having come into popularity in the rise of advertising during the 1930s and 1940s, we proudly hold onto it because it demonstrates our belief that giving customers valuable, well-written copy – which is all the text that goes into our content – is incredibly important for helping them generate new customers and build faithful relationships with current ones. Point number one:  our name gives us a key differentiator and it also reflects our business philosophy.

Additionally, sharing this message about what our business and our success is built upon is also a great conversation point and sets us apart from others in the industry. Tools for sharing messages keep evolving faster, and we hold onto our foundation of quality copywriting even as we incorporate these new tools to distribute key messages.  Point number two:  even as technology changes in our field, our name continues to hold a strong and unique value.

Our business name, and your business name, should also be taking care of business just by existing. This happens from a name that communicates value and uniqueness, but also from the use of a snappy tagline. Our tagline “we write, you shine” quickly conveys our desire to serve customers with our writing talent, and tells them their business will be better while we work behind the scenes. Point number three:  A tagline phrase should be no more than seven words, memorable and used across every place your logo exists. The two placed together deliver a powerful type of strength to your name.

Having a well-written name and tagline is only one element of an overall brand strategy, yet they are a key driver in carrying out your successful content creation plans.

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