Collecting Stuff: Part of Hot Trends in Social Media

11742001_mCollecting stuff – it’s hot. Perhaps it’s shows like “Hoarding: Buried Alive,”or “Antiques Roadshow,” or the return of toys to the shelves this holiday season that were popular decades ago. Maybe it’s something more primitive that rests within us to have a lot of something, or several somethings.

The trend toward collecting objects has certainly grown stronger and is now among trends in social media, as discussed in a recent Marketing Profs article. It’s one thing to use analytical tools to see how many people received or responded to a social media post, but one of the noteworthy trends in social media is for users to enhance and show-off the set of organizations or people they have an online connection to. Some seek to surpass others in terms of friends or Twitter followers; others seek to enlarge their own collection just for their own enjoyment.

Can this trend in social media toward building up collections impact your content strategy? You bet your Rubber Duckie collection it can:

1. Get more involved in Pinterest to ride the tide of the collection craze. Create Pinboards that invite your audience to show off the ways they use and enjoy your product – a collection of experiences, if you will.

2. Boost up your YouTube video channel by adding new videos to your collection about your brand. Make sure they are tagged with keywords.

3. Use Facebook to show off the historical or “vintage” aspects of your product or service. Capture users’ interest with any old-school photos or brand taglines you may have.

4. Compliment your social media users who have high levels of experience with your brand or product. They can stand out for being premium collectors of moments or connections with you.

Being ready to act on trends in social media means first having strategic keywords identified and a plan in place to utilize those keywords in effective, systematic ways. Contact Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions today to be ready in 2013 for whatever trends social media may have in store.

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