Does Your Brand Shine in Your Writing?

Believe it or not, this is an important question. Everything you do as a representative of your brand impacts that brand – including your writing. Never is that message more clear than when you notice a writing mistake.

As a marketing and content creation company, we are actively involved in blogging – obviously – and social media platforms. We like to provide our content via Twitter, offering our followers the opportunity to click through a link to read our posts.

And, like a good marketer, I try to use great tweets to entice people to click through and even re-tweet our posts. When successful, we like to celebrate. When I notice a typo, I cringe. Too often, I see what I want to be in the text and not what should be there. Not the best way to communicate the value of our brand.

Likewise, your brand means something to you, but it could mean something completely different to your audience. Have you captured the voice of your customer? Do you understand what they expect from your brand? If not, it may be time to capture some perceptions among your core base.

When you clearly define your brand, you can work that definition into your writing. Perhaps you need to write an ad, a blog, an article, a website page, etc. that communicates a specific message. Whatever you write, it needs to follow a specific formula applied to all your communications to ensure a consistent message and one that supports your brand.

One of the best things to do is to have a solid performer as your second set of eyes – something I failed to do before scheduling our Twitter posts. Did I happen to mention that one of my typos was re-tweeted by a local company? Yes, my typo was pushed out to a wider audience, but it was during my ‘thank you’ message to the company that I noticed I had something to fix.

If I were to poll my clients today, I hope some of our feedback would include the realization that while we are not perfect, we do try to go to great lengths to make them look good. We will jump through hoops and we will make it right if we fall short. My name is on everything – and that matters.

Fortunately, we have a strong team here at Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, and they all love what they do and care about the end result. When you have that kind of passion behind your brand, it should show in your writing. To learn how, give us a call.

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