Google is Changing: Are You Ready?

Google is changing and it looks like it could be a good thing. According to this article found on the PR Daily, the Google results will now show more facts and answers to direct questions.

The reasoning behind this change is so that more users will stay on Google’s page rather than being directed to different sites for their answers. Some of the changes have already begun, here is one example.

If you ask Google the height of Mt. St. Helens, instead of getting results that tell you only where to find the information you need, the answer (8,365 ft.) will now be in black letters above the list of links available.

The direct impact of search results could be as much as 10 to 20 percent of all search queries. This could be tens of billions each month. In order to be prepared for the changes, there are three simple steps you should take.

Your Search Results Closer
When someone Google’s your company they may get more than just a link to your website. They may get information, such as the size of your company, your location, or other things of that nature. Key words could be very important if you want your company to be seen among the top lists in a Google search after the changes are made.

Consider Paid Searches
Once the changes to Google are made, you may find that your company page has been “crowded out” by Google. If this is the case, you may want to consider paid searches so that your website link shows up at the very top.

Use These Changes to Build a Search Team
With the coming changes, now is the chance to expand your work team. Consider a dedicated team of people who search Google and find the best way to keep your company at the top of the search charts. This team would also be helpful in finding any negative information that is floating around out there and counter it with positive work.

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